A one-stop solutions provider, facility and launchpad for promising food-tech companies and products. We are dedicated to offering tailored market and consumer insights, fostering active collaboration and innovation to drive success and scale commercialisation. Our commitment ensures that your journey from concept to market is seamless and successful.

In A Flavourful Snapshot

Nurasa aims to transform the sustainable food landscape through its tech and innovation-driven facilities – The Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC) and the NuFood Concept Studio. The FTIC is Nurasa’s flagship pilot and development facility developed in partnership with A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), where it provides comprehensive solutions for companies focused on affordable, accessible, and better-for-you foods. These solutions support companies throughout their scale-up journey, offering an integrated ecosystem of R&D, technical advisory, and potential investment support.

The NuFood Concept Studio serves as Nurasa’s innovative hub, where ideas are transformed into market-ready products. This studio acts as a bridge between innovation and market execution, fostering strategic channel partnerships to ensure that products are not only developed but also successfully launched and scaled, exemplifying Nurasa’s commitment to creating sustainable food solutions that meet consumer needs and preferences.

Overall, our facilities work hand in hand to achieve our primary focus – accelerating product validation, facilitating entry into the Asian market, and providing go-to-market support for companies targeting Asia-Pacific consumers.

The Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC) is Nurasa’s flagship pilot and development facility, anchoring its mission to accelerate the commercialisation and adoption of sustainable foods across Asia.

Partnering with A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), the FTIC offers end-to-end solutions for alternative protein and future food companies in their scale- up journey, with an in-house ecosystem of R&D, technical advisory, and potential investment support alongside food-grade production capabilities at lab-scale to pilot-scale and beyond.

  • A 3,840 sqm food-grade facility, where food start-ups can harness three key types of pilot-scale equipment: (i) high-moisture extrusion (HME), (ii) submerged microbial and precision fermentation (iii) high pressure processing
  • Nurasa/SIFBI Food Processing Joint Lab featuring High-Moisture Extrusion & High Pressure Processing Technology
  • ScaleUp Bio/SIFBI Fermentation Joint Lab
  • Shared labs and analysis room
  • Priority access to the latest solutions at the Food Experience Lab for Taste and Colour from our exclusive partner, Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing
  • A collection of co-working spaces and hot desks
  • Private suites for small research labs or offices
  • A boardroom and meeting rooms with connectivity
  • Modern and well-equipped demonstration and test kitchens
  • A large events space for private functions, seminars, workshops or training sessions
  • Access to A*STAR’s additional resources, including sensory booths and a larger kitchen space
  • Located in Biopolis, the heart of Singapore’s research, innovation and development hub

Our End-to-End Capabilities

FTIC aims to provide the much-needed pilot-scale production capabilities for innovators’ sustainable food-tech solutions to help accelerate their commercial scale-up and go-to-market journey.

Food Processing Joint Lab

  • Nurasa, with professional technical teams from A*STAR’s SIFBI, will run the Food Processing Joint Lab as a fee-for-service programme.
  • Research scope and development will be guided by the SIFBI team, with HME Principal Investigator Dr. Raffael Osen.
  • The Extruder can produce up to approximately 60kg/hr of extrudate.
Fermentation Joint Lab 

  • A partnership between ScaleUp Bio (a Joint Venture Company between Nurasa and ADM) and SIFBI, the Fermentation Joint Lab has bioreactors ranging from 10 litres to 100 litres and allows for the development of submerged, microbial and precision fermentation ingredients and products.

Dedicated Benchtop Space in a BSL2 Lab

  • Ideal for earlier stage companies who are still at benchtop-scale research, or companies using the joint labs who require access to analytical work.
  • Access to two shared fume hoods, general analytical equipment, and shared storage and washing space.
  • 12-month long contracts are preferred, with an option to renew.

Ready to Fit-Out Lab Spaces for Rent 

  • Eight private lab spaces available, ranging from 50sqm to 140sqm, and pre-disposed for tenants to fit out dry labs or BSL2 labs.
  • Suitable for companies interested in pre-seed and above, looking at tenancy of 1-3 years.

Hot Desks and Meeting Rooms with Connectivity 

  • Ideal for company staff working with the joint labs or private labs.
  • Up to 38 seats available with access to pantries and booking access for meeting rooms, test and demo kitchens and events space.
  • 6-12 month contracts are preferred; flexibility may apply.

Group 282

ScaleUp Bio 
A joint venture between Nurasa and ADM, ScaleUp Bio is the first in Singapore, and one of the first in Asia, to offer end-to-end food-grade CDMO facilities and services in microbial and precision fermentation from lab to pilot scale. Our team is highly proficient in submerged fermentation and downstream processing, allowing us to enable companies to optimise their processes and meet customers’ pilot manufacturing needs, while maintaining stringent requirements for food applications. Our joint lab with A*STAR’s SIFBI has capacity for up to 100 litres, while our 1,600 sqm HQ at LOGOS Food21 in Tuas, Singapore has capacity for up to 10,000 litres.

Find out more: www.scaleupbio.com.

Next Gen Foods
Founded in 2020, Next Gen Foods is a food tech startup developing and commercialising delicious, innovative, and sustainable plant-based food brands – including TiNDLE, chicken made from plants, and Mwah!, creamy and indulgent dairy-inspired products. Next Gen Foods is backed by a team with proven experience in plant-based food technology, global brand development, and distribution scaleup. In 2023, the company is opening its first-ever global R&D and innovation centre in Singapore – in partnership with the Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC) and Nurasa – serving as the international hub for all future product research, development and innovation.

For more information, visit nextgenfoods.sg.

Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing
Powered by innovation and creativity, Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing aims to shape the future of food by becoming the co-creation partner of choice to its customers. Built on its global leadership position in flavours and taste, the Company goes beyond to create food experiences that do good and feel good, for body, mind and planet. With an expanded portfolio of products across flavours, taste, functional and nutritional solutions and a deep knowledge of the food ecosystem, Givaudan’s passion is to collaborate with customers and partners to develop game-changing innovations in food and beverage.

This is Givaudan. Human by nature. Learn more about how we are shaping the future of food at: https://www.givaudan.com/taste-wellbeing.

Nourish Ingredients
Nourish Ingredients is a revolutionary food tech company creating potent, animalic fats that make plant proteins delicious. Combining breakthrough science with a focus on the most potent fat molecules found in nature, Nourish Ingredients is changing the plant proteins market by creating the authentic taste, smell and cooking experience people want and expect.

Learn more: https://w3.nourishingredients.io.


Prefer makes coffee without coffee beans. Climate change threatens to erase 50% of coffee farmland by 2050. To combat this, Prefer ferments bread, soy, and barley to create coffee flavours. The end result is a ground coffee they distribute to cafes, bars, restaurants, and hotels. Prefer is on a mission to ensure your coffee is delicious, affordable, and sustainable, forever. 

To learn more, visit https://prefer.coffee/.

Strain engineering at SIFBI for heterologous expression of functional proteins, lipids and other high value ingredients to improve the performance (e.g. titer values) of their strains.

Extensive analytical platform at SIFBI to characterise composition, nutritional, sensory and techno-functional properties of alternative protein ingredients.

Clinical nutrition research to support development of functional food ingredients and products that satisfy nutrition or health claims.

Sensory and ingestive behavior research for consumer acceptance.

Regulatory and safety assessment advisory (via Future Ready Food Safety Hub-FRESH@NTU).


Research Lab

Suitable for companies which desire more research development that is run solely by A*STAR.

Pilot Lab

Suitable for companies looking to utilise the satellite lab for pilot activities of 10-100L, with potential to continue on a seamless through-train to the ScaleUp Bio Main Site.

Group 383

Strain engineering at SIFBI for heterologous expression of functional proteins, lipids and other high value ingredients to improve the performance (e.g. titer values) of their strains

Extensive analytical platform in SIBFI to characterise composition, nutritional, sensory and techno-functional properties of alternative protein ingredients

Clinical nutrition research to support development of functional food ingredients and products that satisfy nutrition or health claims

Sensory and ingestive behavior research for consumer acceptance

Regulatory and safety assessment advisory (via FRESH)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) for the selection of model food prototypes

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    Panel: Driving APAC’s alternative protein ecosystem forward

    • Understanding drivers of
      consumer acceptance
    • What needs to be done to increase
      product quality – more affordability,
      nutritional value, better taste
    •  Scaling strategies for the industry to
      bridge the affordability gap
    • Operational perspective from start-ups
      – what support do they need to scale?


    Karin del Rey, Program Director, Big Idea Ventures


    • Aimee Pink, Scientist, A STAR – Agency for
      Science, Technology and Research
    • Tao Zhang Co-founder, Dao Foods
    • Xiuling Guo, CEO, Nurasa
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