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A collaboration between Nurasa, A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), Trendlines Agrifood Innovation Centre (AFIC) and supported by Enterprise Singapore – the FTIC Food Tech Start-Up Challenge offers Start-Ups a chance to access the deep R&D know-how alongside the use of pilot-scale manufacturing facilities to bring the next generation of winning products to market.

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Start-Up Finalists: 2023 Cohort​

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In plant-based meat analogues, we have seen the need for more meat-like textures to attract flexitarians and regular consumers, of which High-Moisture Extrusion has become a great potential technology to harness for such optimisation. Precision Fermentation has proved to create new proteins, flavour substances, and colouring agents that can contribute to exciting new products. High-Pressure Processing has also proven to be an effective downstream processing and product development method for the next generation of products we are familiar with, especially in dairy applications and protein processing. Does your Start-Up engage these technologies for an exciting new application or product in alternative proteins? Show us what you’ve got!

Food products that promote health benefits in addition to their nutritive value are fantastic, and so are new product formats that could cater to specific consumer groups including older adults (aged 65 years and older), children, and those on different dietary plans. We believe that Asia has a great potential for seeing new foodstuffs and formats to drive nutrition and health. Beyond the conventional ways of presenting food, we are also interested in how the next big product could get into the hands of consumers and be consumed on a regular basis for its health and nutritional benefits. Does your Start-Up work towards the next generation of healthy and tasty functional foods? Show us what you’ve got!

Thank you for your interest in the FTIC Food Tech Start-Up Challenge. The 2022/2023 Challenge concluded on Pitch Day on 27 June 2023.

Congratulations to all our finalists and winners!


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