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A leader in creating sustainable nutrition for the world.


We accelerate the adoption of affordable and appealing better-for-you foods using our innovation platform, alongside our partners and collaboration community.

NU-Food Concept
Studio Open House

Date: 26 April, 10am to 2pm
Venue: Food Tech Innovation Centre

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Find us at Hall 6, Booth 6M2-06 at
Food and Hotel Asia 2024
Date: 23 – 26 April 2024
Venue: Singapore Expo

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This is Nurasa.

Nurasa is dedicated to realising a world where holistic nutrition is accessible to all. With our open innovation platform, we are creating better-for-you solutions that are tasty and appealing using sustainable ingredients in together with our partners and the chef community. Our consumer insights and ability to spot trends help enable market access for our products. We are continuously pushing the limits of food product innovation at every stage, leveraging opportunities within and beyond Asia to provide sustainable nutrition all over the world.

Our Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC), in collaboration with A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), serves as a nexus for research and development, offering pilot-scale facilities for High Moisture Extrusion (HME) and Precision Fermentation (PE). This integrated solution provider, coupled with co-manufacturing capabilities, market insights, and strategic partnerships with industry experts, is enabling rapid commercialisation and scaling across Asia.

We're convinced that through collaboration and innovation, partnered with passion and purpose, we can combat climate change, foster healthier communities, and deliver sustainable products that will nourish the world.


A leader in creating sustainable nutrition for the world.


We accelerate the adoption of affordable and appealing better-for-you foods using our innovation platform, alongside our partners and collaboration community.

Nutritious solutions with an
Open innovation platform to create
Market access for
Sustainable ingredients

Our Joint Ventures

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Cremer Sustainable Foods

Your Plant-Based Food Contract Manufacturing Partner

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Cremer Sustainable Foods

Your Plant-Based Food Contract Manufacturing Partner

ScaleUp Bio

Transforming Food Systems, One Microbe at a Time

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For business opportunities enquiries, please contact:
David Cheng
For media enquiries, please contact:
Alina Boey

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Explore the future of sustainable food with us; get in touch via email at [email protected] or fill up the contact form!

    I am a

    David Cheng

    Head of the Food Tech Innovation Centre [FTIC]
    [email protected]

    David leads the FTIC team in delivering facility operational excellence and best-in-class safety standards. His responsibilities also include overseeing business development and community engagement for the FTIC ecosystem. A keen believer in innovation and collaboration, David received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Science and Technology from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.

    Alina Boey

    Chief of Staff
    [email protected]

    Alina has more than 20 years of professional experience in corporate, media and market communications, government affairs, and consultancy working for diverse industries, ranging from brewery, aerospace, transport, foods and pharmaceuticals. Her career journey encompasses companies such as Asia Pacific Breweries, SMRT, Lockheed Martin, Cargill and GlaxoSmithKline. Her responsibilities in her new role include corporate communications, government affairs and public policy, employee engagement, capability building and business partnering to the Nurasa leadership team. Alina’s own personal health journey has led her to believe passionately that food is medicine, and that sustainable healthy foods are the pathways to a wholesome and holistic life.

    ScaleUp Bio is pioneering Singapore’s first – and among only a few worldwide – submerged microbial and precision fermentation facilities dedicated purely to supporting food tech start-ups from home and around the world.

    Our end-to-end contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) services enable and empower global food tech start-ups to deliver sustainable food solutions and ingredients using submerged microbial fermentation, through a commercial-centric and solutions-oriented value chain.

    We support them throughout their entire journey, from process optimisation to scale-up, leveraging our cutting-edge, food-grade facilities equipped with bioreactors capable of accommodating up to 10,000 litres. We also provide access to invaluable industry resources and key partnerships, expediting the journey from concept to market entry in Asia, facilitated by our base in Singapore.

    ScaleUp Bio is a joint venture between global nutrition leader ADM and Temasek’s wholly-owned Nurasa.

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    CREMER Sustainable Foods (CSF), a collaboration between Nurasa and CREMER, specialises in providing contract development and manufacturing organisational (CDMO) services for plant-based alternative proteins. Positioned as one of Asia’s premier original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of alternative proteins, we operate within a 1,000+ sqm manufacturing facility capable of producing 1,300 tonnes annually. Our primary objective is to assist companies in scaling their production to commercial levels.

    Leveraging high-moisture extrusion (HME) technology, we achieve a texture in plant-based products that closely resembles meat, enhancing their appeal to consumers. Through partnership with CSF, you gain access to comprehensive in-house research and development (R&D) capabilities as well as our extensive local network. Additionally, we offer flexible production capabilities tailored to meet your specific needs.

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    GrowthWell Foods envisions a world where plant-based nutrition enriches the lives of 1 billion people globally. We are committed to reshaping the landscape of plant-based nutrition by offering a diverse array of delectable and nourishing products. Our dedication to innovation and sustainability propels us to craft premium alternatives that cater to varied dietary preferences and lifestyles.

    From savoury meat substitutes to luscious dairy-free delights, we prioritise both taste and wellness, ensuring an uncompromised experience in texture and quality. By focusing on natural ingredients and leveraging cutting-edge research, we present options that gratify your palate and align with your ethical values.

    Whether you’re an experienced vegan, a flexible flexitarian, or simply intrigued by integrating more plant-based choices into your diet, GrowthWell Foods stands as your dependable ally on the journey towards healthier and more sustainable eating habits.

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    TiNDLE is a leading maker of plant-based foods and beverages globally.

    Our journey commenced with the introduction of remarkably delectable plant-based chicken to the Singaporean market in early 2021. Since then, TiNDLE has diversified its offerings to encompass a range of plant-based products, including sausages and non-dairy alternatives, with ongoing innovation driving our product pipeline forward.

    Our products are widely accessible through foodservice channels across numerous countries worldwide, while also being available in retail outlets in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. TiNDLE has headquarters in Singapore, and our Global Innovation Centre is nestled within Nurasa’s FTIC.

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    Kikkoman strives to materialise innovation through simplifying prototyping, expediting R&D, and fostering partnerships with SIFBI. Leveraging the state-of-the-art facilities at FTIC, our researchers and industry experts efficiently explore and refine food prototypes.

    As an active participant in the R&D landscape, we bring substantial value to the FTIC community through our distinctive industry insights and dynamic involvement. Our contributions include sharing frontline experiences in developing activities with SIFBI, and providing informed perspectives rooted in practical challenges, regulatory frameworks, and market dynamics.

    We also cultivate an engaging environment by actively engaging with FTIC’s ecosystem, with team members actively participating in events, fostering dialogue and maintaining momentum between gatherings.

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    Nourish Ingredients bring an authentic taste experience to plant-based protein with their potent animalic fats, combining breakthrough science and precision fermentation, with a focus on the most potent fat molecules found in nature. We do this by creating the taste, smell, and cooking experience consumers want and expect – without the animal. Nourish Ingredients fats will make a transformative impact on the plant-based industry and are key to creating a more sustainable, diverse, and delicious food system.

    At Nurasa’s FTIC, Nourish Ingredients has established its Product Development Centre (PDC), which serves as a strategic and centralised pilot scale production entity, rapidly scaling Nourish Ingredients Tastilux™ product, while formalising strategic partnerships, commercial manufacturing routes, and deregulation. Supported by collaborators across Singapore’s ecosystem, the PDC accelerates Nourish Ingredients’ journey to market readiness.

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    Prefer specialises in crafting bean-free coffee, recognising the impending threat of climate change and potentially eliminating 50% of coffee farmland by 2050. To address this challenge, Prefer innovates by fermenting barley, bread, and soy to replicate coffee flavours. The resulting ground coffee is distributed to cafes, hotels, and restaurants, embodying Prefer’s commitment to delivering delicious, affordable, and sustainable coffee indefinitely.

    Prefer’s research and development facility currently operates within Nurasa’s FTIC, providing vital support for product development and conducting early commercial tests in various markets. Prefer also clinched the Grand Winner title at the inaugural FTIC Food Tech Start-Up Challenge last year.

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    Givaudan’s Taste & Colour Lab, situated within Nurasa’s Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC), supports our dedication to revolutionising plant-based food innovation. Recognising the important nature of food tastes and colours in consumer preferences, particularly in plant-based products, this collaboration empowers start-ups to refine flavours and colors under expert guidance.

    The lab facilitates start-ups by granting them access to a comprehensive library of flavour and colour collections, encompassing taste-masking technologies, fat/salt reduction solutions, and clean-label alternatives. It also functions as a hub for prototyping, co-creation, and evaluation during the product development phase. Leveraging Givaudan’s profound consumer insights, we collaborate with companies to craft solutions that deliver multi-sensorial food experiences, aligning with consumer preferences.

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    Panel: Driving APAC’s alternative protein ecosystem forward

    • Understanding drivers of
      consumer acceptance
    • What needs to be done to increase
      product quality – more affordability,
      nutritional value, better taste
    •  Scaling strategies for the industry to
      bridge the affordability gap
    • Operational perspective from start-ups
      – what support do they need to scale?


    Karin del Rey, Program Director, Big Idea Ventures


    • Aimee Pink, Scientist, A STAR – Agency for
      Science, Technology and Research
    • Tao Zhang Co-founder, Dao Foods
    • Xiuling Guo, CEO, Nurasa
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