At Nurasa, we inspire people to embrace
sustainable food by accelerating
access at scale across Asia

Here’s the deal

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The current traditional food system in Asia is fraught with challenges - and as the only region in the world with a growing population - is ripe with untapped opportunities.
By catalysing access to sustainable food, we can provide people with greater flexibility and freedom of selection.
With our robust end-to-end scale-up support for food start-ups across the value chain process, we can help transform the future of sustainable food - and what's being served up on people's dinner plates.
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We enable our start-ups’ ingenuity with our Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC), operated in partnership A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI).
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Alongside our partners, we provide manufacturing capabilities, along with market insights into commercialisation opportunities to support scaling up across Asia, from bench to pilot scale.

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We are committed to driving success by building long-lasting, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with viable food tech start-ups.
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Introducing the Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC), where we put intended impact to action.

The FTIC, operated in partnership with A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), is a one-stop solutions facility for promising food-tech start-ups.

Let us help you to make a difference in Asia’s sustainable food system today.

Panel: Driving APAC’s alternative protein ecosystem forward

  • Understanding drivers of
    consumer acceptance
  • What needs to be done to increase
    product quality – more affordability,
    nutritional value, better taste
  •  Scaling strategies for the industry to
    bridge the affordability gap
  • Operational perspective from start-ups
    – what support do they need to scale?


Karin del Rey, Program Director, Big Idea Ventures


  • Aimee Pink, Scientist, A STAR – Agency for
    Science, Technology and Research
  • Tao Zhang Co-founder, Dao Foods
  • Xiuling Guo, CEO, Nurasa
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